Home Products Forensic Timber Identification: Gonystylus Bancanus (Thymelaeaceae)
Forensic timber identification: a case study of a CITES listed species, Gonystylus bancanus (Thymelaeaceae)

Illegal logging and smuggling of Gonystylus bancanus (Thymelaeaceae) poses a serious threat to this fragile valuable peat swamp timber species. Using G. bancanus as a case study, DNA markers were used to develop identification databases at the species, population and individual level.

  • Kevin Kit Siong Nga Soon Leong Leea Lee Hong Tnaha Zakaria Nurul-Farhanaha Chin Hong Nga Chai Ting Leea Naoki Tanib Bibian Diwayc Pei Sing Laid Eyen Khooe
  • Forensic Science International: Genetics
  • 2016
  • http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.fsigen.2016.05.002