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Timber Regulation Enforcement to protect European wood Sector from criminal infiltration: Forestry crime tools for law enforcement

This document is a dissemination and communication product specifically made for LEAs, and it is composed of materials collected during a two day Joint International Meeting on forestry crime that took place at the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon (France) on 22 and 23 June 2016, organised by TREES Project partners, together with the INTERPOL Environmental Security Programme, in particular by INTERPOL’s Project LEAF (Law Enforcement Assistance for Forests). The meeting brought together a total of 74 participants from varied backgrounds, including prosecutors, investigators, customs and forest police officers and traceability/supply chain experts, in addition to EUTR Monitoring Organizations and Competent Authorities from 15 EU Member States 

  • Lorenzo Segato, Valentina Scioneri, Walter Mattioli
  • TREES Project INTERPOL Environmental Security Programme
  • 2016