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Development of genomic tools in a widespread tropical tree, Symphonia globulifera L.f.: a new low-coverage draft genome, SNP and SSR markers

We describe a strategy to develop robust and widely applicable genetic markers based on a modest development of genomic resources in the ancient tropical tree species Symphonia globulifera L.f. (Clusiaceae), a keystone species in African and Neotropical rainforests. We provide the first low-coverage (11X) fragmented draft genome sequenced on an individual from Cameroon, covering 1.027 Gbp or 67.5% of the estimated genome size.

  • Sanna Olsson Pedro Seoane-Zonjic Rocio Bautista M. Gonzalo Claros Santiago C. Gonzalez-Martinez Ivan Scotti Caroline Scotti-Saintagne Olivier J. Hardy Myriam Heuyertz
  • Molecular Ecology Resources
  • 2016