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Forensic timber identification: It’s time to integrate disciplines to combat illegal logging

A range of scientific methods have been developed independently with the potential to provide the required identification information, but little attention has been given to how these tools can be applied synergistically to support the legal timber trade. Here we review the use of visual identification methods (wood anatomy, dendrochronology), chemical methods (mass spectrometry, near infrared spectroscopy, stable isotopes, radio-carbon), and genetic methods (DNA barcoding, population genetics/phylogeography, DNA fingerprinting) each with potential application to forensic timber identification.

  • Eleanor E. Dormontta, Markus Bonerb, Birgit Braunc, Gerhard Breulmannd, Bernd Degene, Edgard Espinozaf, Shelley Gardnerg, Phil Guilleryh, John C. Hermansoni, Gerald Kochj, Soon Leong Leek, Milton Kanashirol, Anto Rimbawantom, Darren Thomasn, Alex C.Wiedenhoefto, Yafang Yinp, Johannes Zahnenq, AndrewJ. Lowea
  • Biological Conservation
  • 2015
  • http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.biocon.2015.06.038