Home Products Polymorphic Chloroplast DNA Markers For The Endangered Tree Eusideroxylon Zwageri
Development of polymorphic chloroplast DNA markers for the endangered tree Eusideroxylon zwageri through chloroplast isolation and next-generation sequencing

In the present study, approximately 10,618 bp of E. zwageri chloroplast DNA were sequenced genome-wide and 16 polymorphic markers of chloroplast DNA were developed, using next-generation sequencing technology. In total, 26 nucleotide substitutions, 3 indels, 1 sequence inversion, and 1 mononucleotide repeat variation were detected in samples of 10 trees collected from 5 populations in Kalimantan, Indonesia. These markers are a powerful tool that may be used to describe the phylogeographical genetic structure of E. zwageri and will be essential for the conservation and management of this endangered tree.

  • Hiroyuki Kurokochi I. L. G. Nurtjahjaningsih Sukartiningsih Engkong Tan Shuichi Asakawa Yoko Saito Yuji Ide
  • Conservation Genetics Resources
  • 2015