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Exposing the illegal trade in cycad species (Cycadophyta: Encephalartos) at two traditional medicine markets in South Africa using DNA barcoding

Here, a case study is presented on the use of DNA barcoding to identify cycads sold at the Faraday and Warwick traditional medicine markets in Johannesburg and Durban, respectively. Market samples were sequenced for the core DNA barcodes (rbcLa and matK) as well as two additional regions: nrITS and trnH-psbA. The barcoding database for cycads at the University of Johannesburg was utilized to assign query samples to known species

  • J. Williamson O. Maurin S.N.S. Shiba H. van der Bank M. Pfab M. Pilusa R.M. Kabongo M. van der Bank
  • NRC Research Press Genome
  • 2016
  • dx.doi.org/10.1139/gen-2016-0032