Using DNA for forest law enforcement Bernd Degen, Director, Thünen Institute of Forest Genetics (Großhansdorf, Germany), discusses how DNA-based enforcement tools can help to implement forest laws (such as the EU-Timber regulation and the Lacey Act). Bernd explains practical steps being taken by Germany to start using the new tools […]
Fighting illegal logging with stable isotopes Markus Boner, TÜV Rheinland Agroisolab, Germany discusses how stable isotopes can brings more transparency to the global timber market and help in the fight against illegal logging. Stable isotopes are useful tools to check the declared origins of wood.
Tackling the illegal timber logging and trade Theme leader, Forest Genetic Resources Programme, Judy Loo, discusses the importance of dealing with the problem of illegal logging and the environmental, ecological and social implications it can have on exporting and importing countries.
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